Pumpkin 2016.
Before everything else three large mirror polished Pumpkins spread across the upstairs gallery an hardy introduction to the "Love for Pumpkins". So enticing wanting to touch place one little fingerprint and thereby etch the shiny patina and leave a subtle but undeniable flaw on the piece.

Yayoi Kusama

Boxes of delight, white cubes within the white spaces of Victoria Miro's Wharf Rd Gallery.

Yoyoi Kusamas' Divne opulence in "Chandelier of Grief" and scintillating decadence in "All the eternal love I have for Pumpkins" embraces and hugs out a smile at least. All a bit lush in interpretation but the confusion and complex perspectives of the interior spaces and their astute colour fields, especialy in Love for Pumpkins enthral and inspired in me an empathy with this maker.

Tomorrow is the last day and today was busy enough with queues down the street, and vewing limited to 1min. for each interior space. 

Their is an event on at Victoria Miros Gallery 16 Wharf Road that should not be missed and tomorrow: Saturday 30th July is the last day.