Anselm Keefer: "Walhaller", White Cube, Bermondsey.



A conglomeration of events, the clatter of souls under thick folded leaden sheets laid upon the spindle armature of rusted metal beds. This is a Walhaller of our making reveiled to us by Kiefer in the promise of a now failing world, Kiefer's cloistered world, sombre chambers filled with a clutter of momento's, rooms off of rooms lead to bright open spaces with paintings of cornfeilds with poppy and sunflower beneath a falling acid yellow sky all winding round the deriliction of towering monoliths


The Triumviarite: 

Anselm Kiefer, gerhardt Richter, George Baserltiz.

The three masters of German contemporary Art  


The White Cube show of Baselitz's most recent work asserts itself upon the huge gallery in Bremondsy, the vacancy between the hangings and sculptures is redolant still of the work ,the work "eats" the space, becomes it no wall just the essences Baserlitz's latent presence divined through his work. This is a dance peice the ghost of which runs through the rooms. 

The high heeled rudly carved recliining figure, for me an exploded Henry Moore, sleeping on the trunkated table top a transvestite cycloptic monolith surrounded by four still watching paintings all of them inverted, as they were painted, the Baselitz way.

White Cube gallery Bermondsy is a hard gallery to fill, occupy, the work has to be monumental either in essence or in form, with the Baselitz show it is the both and each room is sublimly edited with the work responding to the space around it.